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Scene from the series
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Documentary series "US, GREEKS"

SKAI prepared a 12 episode documentary series, referring to the military "adventures" of Greece during the period from 1897 to 1974. The series contains rare photographic and cinematographic material, redoes and diagrams and is supported by technology and also by interviews of people that witnessed the events.

The fact that some of the most important Greek Historians are cooperating in the series, guarantees the objective and the undiscriminating presentation of the facts. SKAI broadcasted the documentary series since autumn 2008 and continued through spring 2009.


Directed byKaterina Evangelakou (CV), Costas Mazanis, Yannis Sakaridis
ScreenplaySpyros Petropoulos
General CoordinatorAlexandros Kakavas
Science EditorAthanasios Veremis
Journal EditorMichalis N. Katsigeras
CinematographyPanayotis Vassilakis
Line ProducerMathaios Voulgaris
Production ManagerIoanna Fotopoulou
ProductionSKAI Television
Executive ProducerCL Productions