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The hostess of the show Alexandra Pascalidou
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Weekly TV show "ONE DAY..."

Who are we? We are the GREEK NATIONAL TELEVISION (ERT SA) broadcasting worldwide via satellite for over 15 million Greek-speaking viewers around the globe. For the season 2004-2005 we are doing the "ONE DAY..." weekly prime-time show with Alexandra Pascalidou.

ALEXANDRA PASCALIDOU is our hostess. She is a famous journalist from Sweden of Greek origin. She has done hundreds of TV-programmes in Sweden the last ten years primarily for Swedish National TV. Now we have the honour to have her in Greece where she is presenting "ONE DAY...".

COSTAS LAMBROPOULOS is our producer. He is a highly established and respected television and cinema figure. His CL PRODUCTIONS Company has produced a.o. all the latest Thoeodoros Angelopoulos films and has co-produced, with American director Martin Scorsese, the new Pandelis Voulgaris film "The Brides".

YIORGOS ALLAMANIS is our editor in chief. He has been working as a journalist, author and TV / radio news producer for the last 20 years. He is also editor in chief in the Foreign News Desk of the prestigious Greek daily newspaper "TO VIMA".

PANOS PAPADOPOULOS and NTINA PETROPOULOU are our reporters. They both have investigative experience and have worked for many years in television, radio, newspapers and magazines.


Show hostessAlexandra Pascalidou
ReportersPanos Papadopoulos, Ntina Petropoulou
Editor-in-chiefYiorgos Allamanis
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
First episode aired2004
Number of episodes10