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The desperate call from his ex-wife Sevim (Idil Üner) leads Commissioner Mehmet Özakin (Erol Sander) to Athens. There Sevim's new partner Steffen (Michael Rotschopf), an investigative journalist, and his daughter Clara (Alexandra Kolaiti) disappeared without a trace. The girl was kidnapped by the boss of the Greek sand mafia. Steffen found the seedy building contractor Deimos Tzanidis (Yorgos Glastras). Illegal sand mining is a billion dollar business that leaves beaches and coasts ecologically destroyed. During the dangerous investigation, the old familiarity awakens between Mehmet and Sevim, which irritates both equally. Eventually they find Steffen unconscious in the hospital, but his daughter Clara is still in the hands of the kidnappers. A race against time begins...


Directed byIsmail Sahin
ScreenplayStefan Kuhlmann, Claus Stirzenbecher
Script AdvisorMarion Klann
CinematographyAljoscha Hennig
Assistant directorsDimitris Giamloglou, Argyris Zachos
CastErol Sander, Idil Üner, Michael Rotschopf, Alexandra Kolaiti, Yiannis Niaros, Giannis Eglezos, Antigoni Fryda, Argyris Gkagkanis, Yorgos Glastras
Line ProducerChristian Dreßler
Production ManagersFelix Gerd Schneider (Athens, Greece), Thanassis Christopoulos
Production ServicesView Master Films
ProducersHartmut Köhler, Sebastian B. Voß
ProductionZiegler Film GmbH & Co. KG