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She is a thirty three year old lawyer who works in the field of civic affairs, divorces mostly. She is clever, cute and romantic with a great sense of humor and manages pretty well in her job. She lacks of nothing except her self-confidence that seems to have abandoned her, just like Giannis did - a fellow lawyer - a year ago.


Happy, enthusiastic and adventurous, Sofia never takes no for an answer. Her friend Aliki says that Sofia eats, drinks and has sex like a man. She tries to pass a little of her optimistic spirit to her friend and roommate, but usually without success.


She comes from a wealthy family, with great studies, someone we call a "nerd". She is very devoted to her work and her career and snubs Sofia's easiness with men. She is consciously alone and she believes that this is the best thing that may happen to her. She is hysterical with tidiness, neatness and healthy food. She started psychotherapy five years ago, when her father started dating her best friend and finally abandoned his family. Since then, she is suspicious with all men as well as women.


The office secretary. Chatterer, gossip, naive and enthusiastic. She believes in zodiac signs, she counts calories and she wants to fall in love. She is a nosy parker and wants to be informed about everything and everyone. She reads magazines like a maniac and drops phrases she learns by heart. She believes that due to the fact she is not a highly educated person, she cannot find a guy considered a "catch".


He is a lawyer and the girls' employer. Around forty years old, a playboy and single. Dynamic, clever, tough, a male chauvinist with a great sense of humor, who develops a competitive relationship with Sofia, with who he may end up in love with.


Aliki's former love that returns into her life as her new colleague. Clever, promising, dutiful and predictable, he gets confused when he meets Aliki again, while he is dating Nikos' beautiful sister.