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Russian TV series "A WOMAN WITHOUT A PAST"

Alexandra is a beautiful young woman that is a victim of a conspiracy: her husband and her best friend attempt to kill her. Miraculously, Alexandra manages to escape death. However, after the attempt she looses her memory. She cannot remember who she is, her friends and family. She cannot tell who the enemy or the friend is. Who to trust and who not to. Many try to take advantage of her situation for their own purposes. Without memory, which means without a past, she starts a new life. Everything that happens to her makes her stronger. Alexandra makes new friends who help her through difficult and dangerous situations and she finds the one and only love.

This is a Russian Television series of 256 episodes. The series is broadcasted on the Public Russian Television Channel RTR (Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) since November 2007. RTR is Russia's leading broadcaster and content provider that includes 80 local Television Channels, 4 national and 2 International Channels as well as 5 Radio Channels. It broadcasts on a 24/7 basis and the 86% of the Russian viewers watch its programs. RTR is also the only provider of Russian language content to East Asia and the Pacific area.


Directed byElena Tsyplakova
ScreenplayEvgeny Florov, Oleg Tomashevski
CastMaria Anikanova, Andrey Andreev, Nikolay Saxarov
Production Execution in GreeceCL Productions