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Poster of the film

Irene Vachlioti, "SKIPPER STRAAD"

A seaman finds himself out of work and stranded in a distant port. He shares a cheap room. They take turns sleeping, some in the morning, some at night. Grief! When he will go back to sea? And there! The scent of woman drifts up to seduce him! He realizes he had shared his bed with a lady of the night...


  • First Prize for a Fiction Film, 26th Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece
  • First Prize for fiction, documentary or animated picture film, 44rd International Film Festival of Thessaloniki


Directed byIrene Vachlioti
ScreenplayIrene Vachlioti
CinematographyPanayiotis Klidaras
EditingGiorgos Triantafillou
Sets / CostumesDeni Vachlioti
Sound RecordingDinos Kittou
CastDespo Diamantidou, Meletis Georgiadis, Marina Kalafati, Michalis Yannatos
Production ManagerStavros Kaplanidis
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProductionCL Productions, Greek Film Centre
2003, 35mm, B/W, 38', Dolby Digital