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Brazilian television series by Rede GLOBO, on ALPHA


a television series based on a novel by M. Karagatsis


a television series directed by Tassos Psarras

Our television productions

Among CL Productions' projects as an Executive Producer or as a Producer are:

  • Our Best Years, television series on ERT1
  • Prince of Fire, television series on Open TV
  • Kids Forever, television series on Open TV
  • In an Open Relationship, television series on Open TV
  • Us, Greeks, documentary series on SKAI
  • Ten, Pigi Dimitracopoulou, television series, on ALPHA
  • Karyotakis, Tassos Psarras, television series, ΕΤ-1
  • Loafing and Camouflage, Nicos Perakis, television series, on NET
  • International co-production (Norway, Canada, Greece) So Long, Marianne, television series
  • German television series Homicide Unit Istanbul
  • French documentary series Le Grand Tour, on channel France 3
  • Russian television series A Woman Without A Past, on Public Russian Television Channel RTR
  • Brazilian television series Belissima, by Rede GLOBO, on ALPHA
  • Hotel Triton, Katerina Evangelakou, Katerina Patroni, Arts & Culture television show, 1st, 2nd & 3rd season, ΕΤ-1
  • The Flatmates, Greek real life web series, directed by Akis Polizos
  • Alone out of negligence, Elissavet Chronopoulou, 20 episodes, NET
  • Almost Never - 2nd season, Nicos Perakis, Pigi Dimitracopoulou, 20 episodes, NET
  • Almost Never - 1st season, Nicos Perakis, Christos Dimas, Dimitrios Yatzouzakis, 20 episodes, NET
  • White House, Antonis Tempos, 17 episodes, ANTENNA
  • One Day..., weekly television show hosted by Alexandra Pascalidou, 10 shows, NET
  • Mikres Aggelies, various directors, 12 episodes, ET-1
  • Mikrografies, various directors, 12 episodes, ET-1
  • Closed Roads, Giorgos Mihailidis, television series, ET-1
  • Their Greatest Years, Manousos Manousakis, television series, ET-1
  • Conspiracies, Mihalis Papanikolaou, television series, ET-1
  • The Camping, Andreas Thomopoulos, television series, ERT SA