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MAJOR EVENTS  >  Expo 2010 Shanghai China Preparation of audiovisual material and 3D images


CL Productions undertook the task of preparing audiovisual material and 3D images for the Greek pavilion of HEPO (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board) during the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (May-November 2010) on the Expo "Better City Better Life" theme.

The visitors of the Greek pavilion had the chance to experience a 3D representation of life in a greek urban environment through various sub-themes, cultural activities, exhibitions and forums and also had the opportunity to participate through an interactive, educational platform.

The interactive, digital exhibition on one hand offered the experience of greek urban life style, and on the other hand it opened a vista to modern concerns such as environmental issues, blending of diverse cultures in the city, innovations of science and technology and of course culture.

The Greek pavillion received third prize in the category "Nature's Wisdom Award" for the quality of its interior and exterior design, and its general harmonization with the central theme of the Exhibition, in terms of content, effectiveness and aesthetics.


Watch a video from the Greek pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China