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MAJOR EVENTS  >  Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2002 Executive production


The 2002 Athens and Epidaurus Festival events were designed based on certain criterions: collaborations and co-productions with cultural organizations from Greece and abroad, respect to the nature of each cultural areas, long term planning, prompt and detailed preparation and contribution to the cultural development of the greek province. The directions, set by the 2001 Hellenic Festival, were: the promotion of the cultural aspect of Greece and the strengthening of cultural tourism.

Among the artists that participated were the following:

  • Dance Theatre of Aida Gomez (Salome)
  • Ruhr Triennale – ZT Hollandia
  • Bezar Ballet
  • Menofortas (Shakespear - Macbeth)
  • National Traditional Orchestra of China
  • Rosas De Otono
  • National orchestra of Athens
  • Philharmonic orchestra of Strasbourg
  • Bolsoi Ballet (Giselle, Spartakus)
  • The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir
  • Lints Opera (West Side Story)
  • Ballet of National Opera of Vienna
  • Stuttgard European Music Festival
  • Queen Esther Marrow and the Harlem Gospel Singers
  • Hamburg Ballet
  • Momix Dance Theatre
  • Theatres and music bands from Japan