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After delivering what is more a poetical announcement rather than a political speech, a politician leaves parliament and his home and disappears without a trace. A journalist, who is reporting on the immigrants and refugees stranded at the border, meets a man who looks very much like the missing politician. Despite his investigation into the matter and the meeting he arranges between the stranger and the politician's French wife, the identity of the man remains a mystery. The woman doesn't recognize him, while he seems unwilling even for a moment to give us any sign that he is not the missing politician...


  • Cinema Lumiere, Bologna (Italy), March-April 2002
  • Festival Sydney (Australia), June 2003
  • Era New Horizons (Tribute to Theo Angelopoulos), Poland, 2008, screening
  • Kolkata Film Festival, India, 2008, screening
  • Circulo De Bellas Artes, (Tribute to Theo Angelopoulos), Madrid, 2008, screening
  • Munich Cinemateque (Tribute to Theo Angelopoulos), Germany, 2009, screening
  • Adana International Film Festival, Turkey, 2010, screening
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival, China, 2010, screening
  • Shanghai International Film Festival, China, 2012, screening
  • Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival, China, 2012, screening


Directed byTheo Angelopoulos
ScreenplayTheo Angelopoulos, Tonino Guerra, Petros Markaris
CinematographyGiorgos Arvanitis
MusicHelen Karaindrou
EditingYannis Tsitsopoulos
Art DirectorMikes Karapiperis
Costume DesignGiorgos Patsas
Sound RecordingMarinos Athanassopoulos
CastMarcello Mastroianni, Jeanne Moreau, Ilias Logothetis, Dora Chrisikou, Vassilis Bougiouclakis, Dimitris Poulikakos
Executive ProducerCostas Lambropoulos, Nikos Sekeris
ProducerPhoebe Oikonomopoulou
ProductionTheo Angelopoulos, Greek Film Centre, Arena Films (France), Vega Films (Switzerland), Erre Produzioni (Italy)
1991, 35mm, color, 138', Dolby Digital