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Costas Lambropoulos Productions Costas Lambropoulos Productions

Michael A. Nickles, "SWING AWAY"

Director's Note

I have always wanted to direct a film in Greece, as I have roots there (all four of my grandparents are Greek) and I am proud of my heritage. When I first visited the country as a kid, I had the strange sensation that I had returned "home".

All of my trips to Greece since then they have had a tremendous impact on me, and I wanted to one day honor that in a film. Swing Away gave me that opportunity, and I will always be grateful to George Stephanopoulos and Tom Hiotis for inviting me to join the team.

I cannot say enough about the talented crew that was assembled for us by Greek producer Costas Lambropoulos. Each and every department was filled with dedicated, artistic craftspeople. They worked tirelessly and with a great sense of pride in their work. I had a terrific filmmaking experience in Greece, easily the best I’ve ever had.

Michael Achilles Nickles