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Michael A. Nickles, "SWING AWAY"

Zoe Papadopoulou, a professional player of American golf with Greek origin, after an unfortunate race in professional league trying to avoid the spotlight, decides to visit her grandparents who live in a small village in Rhodes.

After the first few days of family relaxation, Zoe meets little Stella, an amateur player of golf, with great prospects. In the village beach there are golf facilities that an American businessman exploits for his own benefits, which are totally unknown to the villagers. Once the director of golf discovers the presence of Zoe in the village, he will appeal to her in order to help attract more players.

Stella's father, Mark, will help Zoe to find out together the hidden purpose of the American entrepreneur and bring him up against the villagers. The twists and developments are rapid through a series of comic events. To be continued on screen...


  • Bentonville Film Festival, USA, 2016, competition


Directed byMichael A. Nickles
ScreenplayPaul Robert Lingas, Julia Wall Nickles
StoryGeorge E. Stephanopoulos, Paul Robert Lingas
CinematographyYiannis Daskalothanasis
Sound RecordingWrecked Ambience F.S.P
EditingLambis Haralambidis
Art DirectorKaterina Zourari
Costume DesignVasso Tranidou - Souriadaki
CastShannon Elizabeth, Manos Gavras, John O'Hurley, Karl Theobald, Renos Haralabidis, Alexandros Mylonas, Christos Sougaris, Olga Damani, Viktoria Miller
Executive ProducerPeter J. Pappas, Vinca Liane Jarrett, Shannon Elizabeth, Costas Lambropoulos
ProductionAncient Game Productions
ProducersGeorge E. Stephanopoulos, Stamatis Hiotis
Co-producerSteven Kampmann
Theater ReleaseMay 9, 2016
2016, DCP, color, Dolby Surround, 98'