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Poster of the film

Hannes Holm "SUNE IN GREECE"

Sune is in love with Sophie. There is no one else as beautiful, gorgeous and lovely girl as Sophie. Spending time with Sophie makes him feel good, so good that other girls thinks that is a great guy. Sune is a charmer!

The upcoming summer Sune and his family are supposed to go the far north as always. Discontent grows and therefore determines father Rudolf to buy a charter down to the sun. Everyone is happy except Sune who can not imagine being without his Sophie.

Sophie solves the holiday by proposing a "pause" in their young relationship. Sune agrees to this and plays unaffected. What is a break anyway? Can he be comforted with other girls? On their way down to Greece Sune is trying contact any girls but discovers to his horror that he completely lost what he used to do. The magic is the long gone!

He can no longer charm the ladies! Disaster!

At the hotel Sune meets Hedda who is in Greece with her mother Sabina and her new young man Pontus and their new baby, Hedda's half-siblings. She tackles poor Sune puts him in a charmschool. But Hedda's school includes elements that seems to have another intention than what Sune thinks...

While the rest of the family are trying enjoy their holiday. Mom Karen and father Rudolf realize that an "all-inclusive" charter does not even include the things that make a worn out family relationships better.

The film is a warm family comedy with a small sense of severe seriousness!


Directed byHannes Holm
ScreenplayHannes Holm
ProductionFladen Film (Sweden)
ProducerPatrik Ryborn
Co-producersTanweer Alliances, Dionyssis Samiotis
Production Execution in GreeceCostas Lambropoulos
Shooting scheduledSummer of 2012, Rhodes, Greece
Theater ReleaseDecember 25, 2012