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Daphne Charizani, "IM FEUER (SISTERS APART)"

The story of a strong and full of confidence young woman who wishes to come to terms with her past while she has already begun a new life.

She chooses from the beginning a doomed route which indeed offers her new, different perspectives.


Directed byDaphne Charizani
ScreenplayDaphne Charizani
CinematographyFalko Lachmund
Art DirectorYoula Zoeopoulou
Costume DesignJutta Kramer
Sound RecordingAris Athanasopoulos
CastAlmila Bagriacik, Christoph Letkowski, Niels Bruno Schmidt, Gonca De Haas, Maryam Boubani, Zubeyde Bulut, Lucas Prisor, Judith Neumann, Yiannis Niaros, Marios Kritikopoulos, Diana Ak, Ferhat Keskin
Line ProducerVassilis Tzanidis
ProductionPallas Film GmbH
ProducersThanassis Karathanos, Yorgos Kyriakos, Costas Lambropoulos, Martin Hampel, Viola Fuegen, Michael Weber
Co-producersView Master Films