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On the daybreak of the 15th August 2003 the Turkish yacht "Ege guzeli" ventures to leave ashore the Greek rock-islet Pitta two men and a six-year-old girl, all illegal immigrants and castaways that were rescued in the Greek territorial waters. Apart from the captain and the deckhand, three more women are on board the yacht, two of them candidates of a beauty contest and one ex-winner of the same title, a reporter and a cameraman of the Bodrum TV, the local channel that organizes the annual beauty contest of the cosmopolitan capital of the Halicarnassos peninsula.

The six soldiers stationed on the islet look-out post immobilize the yacht and while waiting for orders from their superiors they force the rest of the crew to disembark on the rocky islet.

Due to a soldier's pastime occupation and other unfavorable conditions that cause difficulties in the communication with the headquarters, compounded by the authenticity of the characters of the six soldiers, the obvious natural attributes of the beauties, the patriotism of their companions and the despair of the illegal immigrants, complicate a hearty as well as explosive gathering, which culminates in armed hostilities between the neighboring countries, but is eventually averted, only contributing to the deconstruction of stereotypes and preconceived notions of bias and prejudice.


  • The greatest commercial success ever in Greece (1,500,000 tickets in 8 weeks)
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2006, screening
  • Bratislava International Film Festival, Bratislava, 2006, screening
  • Greek Film Festival (Antipodes,) Australia, 2006, screening
  • Napoli Film Festival, 2007, screening
  • Festival of Turkish Films, Germany, 2007, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, San Francisco, 2007, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, Cleveland, 2007, screening
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, USA, 2008, screening
  • European Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, 2008, screening
  • Greek Cinema Week, Madrid, Albecete, 2008, screening
  • Euro-Mediterranean Celebrations (Intercultural Cultural Year), Cairo, 2008, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, New York, 2008, screening
  • European Film Festival, Kinshasa, 2009, screening
  • European Film Festival, Lima, 2009, screening
  • Panorama of Greek Cinema, Washington, 2011, screening
  • Griechische Filmwoche, Munich, 2012, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, New Delhi, 2012, screening


Directed byNicos Perakis
ScreenplayNicos Perakis
CinematographyGiorgos Argyroiliopoulos
Art DirectorOlga Leontiadou
Costume DesignKaterina Mouzoula
MusicDimitris Kodopoulos
Sound RecordingPanos Papadimitriou
CastYannis Tsimitselis, Viky Kayia, Yiorgos Seitaridis, Ioannis Papazisis, Vasilis Charalabopoulos, Renos Haralabidis, Sokratis Patsikas, Stelios Xanthouthakis, Orfeas Avgoustidis, Tugce Seitaridou, Arzu Yanardag, Yetkin Dikinciler
Production ManagerYorgos Papadatos
ProducersCostas Lambropoulos, Manos Krezias
Co-producersCL Productions, ODEON, ERT SA (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation), Multichoice Hellas/NOVA, Graal, Nicos Perakis
Shooting locationsGreece
Pre-production scheduledMarch 2004 - June 2005
Shooting scheduledJune 1 - August 1, 2005
Post-production scheduledSeptember 1 - November 30, 2005
Theater ReleaseDecember 8, 2005
2005, 35mm, color, Dolby Digital