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Poster of the film

Vassilis Katsikis, "LOAFING AND DISCHARGE: I4"

Five I4 soldiers serve in the army as auxiliaries in a unit supporting commando troops during military training. Due to all the chores and the pack drills, the soldiers will be forced to face the stiff necked commandoes. This conflict will take place in a frontier Aegean island and it will mess everybody's (locals' and "foreign" enemies') lives up.


  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2008, competition
  • Greek Film Festival of South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011, screening


Directed byVassilis Katsikis
ScreenplayVassilis Katsikis
CinematographyIlias Adamis
Art DirectorGiannis Kontorouchas
EditingGiorgos Mavropsaridis
MusicDimitris Kodopoulos
CastThanassis Tsaltabassis, Stathis Panagiotidis, Charis Mavroudis, Petros Layoutis, Giorgos Kimoulis, Manos Gavras, Nikos Vourliotis, Giorgos Chrisostomou, Giorgos Kopsidas, Giorgos Chraniotis, Isabella Kogevina, Maria Korinthiou, Dora Sampsona
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos, Manos Krezias, Dionyssis Samiotis
ProductionCL Productions
Co-producersODEON, EAST MΕDIA, Anosi SA, FilmInMind
Development supportedMEDIA Programme
Shooting periodEnd of October 2007
Theater ReleaseApril 27, 2008
2008, 35mm, color, 95', Dolby Digital