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Poster of the film

Peter Andrikides "KINGS OF MYKONOS"

Greek-Australian co-production, filmed in Mykonos on summer of 2009.

The famous greek-australian actor Nick Giannopoulos is back with a new film "KINGS OF MYKONOS", 10 years after his first box-office hit "The Wog Boy". "Kings of Mykonos" is based on a very clever script written by Chris Anastasiades that connects his home land with Australia.

The film is about a Greek Australian who inherits a beach and a tavern in a resort in Mykonos from an uncle that he has never met before. He will travel with his pal to Mykonos having no idea about Greek mentality and being very naive. In Mykonos he will have to face his relatives and local notables who will try to fool him. The hero will finally discover that the tempting inheritance hides too many traps and that beautiful Mykonos is not the paradise he thought it was.


  • Greek Film Festival of South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011, screening


Directed byPeter Andrikides
ScreenplayChris Anastassiades, Nick Giannopoulos
CinematographyMark Wareham
SetsAdele Flere
CostumesJill Johanson
CastNick Giannopoulos, Zeta Makripoulia, Vince Colosimo, Dimitris Starovas, Manos Gavras, Galini-Maria Tseva, Giannis Anastassakis, Katerina Papadopoulou, Vassilis Glavris, Apostolos Psichramis, Kosmas Panayotidis, Manolis Sormainis
Production SupervisorLambis Haralambidis
ProductionEmile Sherman, Nick Giannopoulos, SEE-SAW Films, G.O. Films, ODEON, Anosi SA