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Poster of the film

Grigoris Karantinakis, "CHARITON'S CHOIR"

Α "bitter" comedy: A party of tragicomic characters that do not take themselves seriously, act according to the local intrigues and goals, a nostalgic story, which proves - for once more - that youth and beauty are always triumphant, even when a few tricks are necessary to win the prize.

The story is based on an idea of Grigoris Karantinakis and Iraklis Kvirikadge.


  • 46th International Film Festival of Thessaloniki, 2005:
    • Best Motion Picture First Prize, State Awards 2005
    • Best Sound Award, State Awards 2005
    • Audience award for best Greek film, Film Festival of Thessaloniki 2005
  • Alexandria International Film Festival, 2006:
    • Best Film Award
    • Best Direction Award (Grigoris Karantinakis)
    • Best Leading Actress Award (Maria Nafpliotou)
  • Sydney Greek Film Festival, 2006, screening
  • Troia International Film Festival, 2006, screening
  • Tursak International Film Festival, 2006, screening
  • 5th Panorama of Contemporary Greek Cinema, Paris, 2007, screening
  • Fortnight of Greek Cinema in Strasbourg, 2007, screening
  • Palm Springs Film Festival, 2007, screening
  • US HBO Comedy Arts Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2007, screening
  • European Film Festival, Beirut, 2007, screening
  • Greek Film Week, Munich, 2007, screening
  • Greek Film Week, Geneva, 2008, screening
  • Greek Cinema Week CAC-VOLTAIRE, Geneve, 2008, screening
  • Greek Cinema Week, Madrid, Albecete, 2008, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, San Francisco, 2008, screening
  • European Film Festival, Lima, 2008, screening
  • Cine Odyssee, Strasbourg, 2008, screening
  • Greek Club of Bretagne, France, 2009, screening
  • European Film Festival, Prague, 2009, screening
  • Cine-Projections, Latvia, 2009, screening
  • Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt, 2009, competition
  • The Montreal Greek Film Festival, Montreal, 2009, screening
  • Festival "Ichos & Icona", Santorini, 2009, screening
  • EU Film Festival, 2010, China, screening
  • Ciné-Club Hellénique de Luxembourg, screening, 2010
  • European Union Film Festival, Tunisia, 2011, screening
  • E.U. Film Festival, Singapore, 2013, screening
  • Panorama of Greek Cinema, Washington, 2012, screening


Directed byGrigoris Karantinakis
ScreenplayGrigoris Karantinakis, Yiorgos Makris, Dimitris Vakis
CinematographyNikos Kavoukidis
Art DirectorAntonis Halkias
Costume DesignEva Nathena
Sound RecordingMarinos Athanassopoulos
CastGeorge Corraface, Maria Nafpliotou, Olga Daletza, Akylas Karazisis, Stefanos Karadinakis, Vassilis Kolovos, Alexandros Logothetis, Yvonne Maltezou, Fotini Baxevani, Dimitris Piatas, Dimitris Ponticas, Christos Stergioglou
Line ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
Production ManagerYannis Iakovidis
ProducerElena Hatzialexandrou
Shooting locationsAthens, Corfu
Pre-production periodFebruary - May 2005
Shooting scheduled16/5/2005 - 15/7/2005
Post-production periodJuly - September 2005
ReleasedNovember 10, 2005, by ODEON
2005, 35mm, color, Dolby Digital