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Margarita Manda, "GOLD DUST"

Director's Note

"Gold Dust" is a film born of a need. My personal need to talk about my city, Athens. A city which is being transformed daily, eradicating the traces of its past life. A city that is being "globalized" with no respect, no aesthetic. I wanted the story of my heroes, born and living in Athens to mirror the transformation of this city, following the pace of a life that is mechanical and at times inhuman.

I thought of a story of personal appraisals at a decisive age: the forties. The age when losses of every sort are irreversible. The age when time still lies open before us and invites us to look at the life we have lived straight in the eye. To talk about things we've never said. To manage our past. To redefine our present. To redesign our future.