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Poster of the film

Angelos Frantzis, "DOG'S DREAM"

A man listens to a work colleague's story of a dream concerning a strange robbery. When he returns home, he finds that all of his belongings have mysteriously been taken away. He calls the police and the case is undertaken by an experienced police detective that uses unorthodox methods. As night goes by, the mysterious circumstances cover the whole city and drive the hero's in a trip who seems to escape from reality and reach a dream world.


  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2005, screening
  • Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia, 2005
  • Greek Film Festival (Antipodes), USA, 2006, screening
  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival, USA, 2007, screening
  • South Africa Film Festival, 2008, screening
  • Segovia's European Film Festival (MUCES), Spain, 2008, screening


Directed byAngelos Frantzis
ScreenplayAngelos Frantzis, Spiros Kribalis
CinematographyEvgenios Dionissopoulos
MusicCoti K
Art DirectorAnna Georgiadou
Costume DesignChristina Hatzaridou
Sound RecordingPanos Tzelekis
CastKonstantinos Markoulakis, Peggy Trikalioti, Aris Servetalis, Lina Sakka, Christos Stergioglou, Markos Lezes, Argiris Xafis, Fotini Baxevani, Evangelia Samiotaki, Yannis Stankoglou, Manolis Mavromatakis
Executive ProducerYorgos Kyriakos
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
Theater ReleaseFebruary 25, 2005
2004, 35mm, color, 87', Dolby Digital