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Lucia Rikaki, "DANCING SOUL"

Anna, a champion fencer, meets up - after many years - her ballet teacher (Alexander), a famous dancer and choreographer. However, an accident has kept him away from the stage. Our relationship help Alexander overcome his fears and enable Anna to confront the problems she has with her father. Two differend people and characters will dare to come together in a demanding, yet enchanting symphony.


  • 2000, WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston, USA, competition:
    • Bronze Award
  • 1999, Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece:
    • State Quality Award
  • 1999, Mumbai International Film Festival, India, competition
  • 1999, Rome International Film Festival, Italy, competition
  • 1999, Alexandria International Film Festival, Egypt, competition
  • 1999, Shanghai International Film Festival, China, competition
  • 1999, MIFF Milano International Film Festival, Italy, competition
  • 2000, Bermuda International Film Festival, Bermuda
  • 2000, ECOFILM International Film Festival Lille, France, competition Prix Agenda 21
  • 2000, Palm Beach International Film Festival, USA, competition
  • 2001, Alexandria International Film Festival, Egypt, competition


Directed byLucia Rikaki
ScreenplayLucia Rikaki, Giorgos Notaras
CinematographyArgyris Theos
MusicClara Schuman, Louise Farrenc, Fanny Mendelsshon, Ambache Chamber, Orchestra UK, Thanassis Rikakis
EditingTakis Yannopoulos
Art DirectorAntonis Halkias
ChoreographyVassilis Mirianthopoulos, Kyriakos Kosmides
Sound RecordingMarinos Athanassopoulos
CastElias Constantopoulos, Katerina Lipiridou, Kyriakos Kosmides, Theodora Tzimou, Kostas Kakavas, Michalis Maniatis, Viky Protogeraki
Executive ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProductionGreek Film Centre, Orama Films
Theater ReleaseJanuary 29, 1999
1998, 35mm, color, 104'