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Christos Dimas, "AKALYPTOS"

Screenplay based on the Greek novel by Lefteris Kapolis "Married Men Do Have Soul Too"

The story is about the adventurous life of Andreas, known as "Akalyptos". Akalyptos has big plans for Greece. However his plans are not about "saving" the country, but to make the most out of Greece.

Andreas is a real estate agent. He loves his wife and is fond of the "fair sex". His three motos are: women are seduced by money, tax evasion is a valuable contribution to financial development, and his best friend deserves sacrifices.

His way of dealing with the Greek Crisis is by pretending that it has never occurred. He tries to sell high profiled plots, such as the surrounding area of the Acropolis, to German and Arab investors. Akalyptos can do nothing without his buddy, Makis, also known as the "Tiger". Akalyptos has repaid Tiger for his "services" by making him President of the Real Estate Company, so that Makis can sign the "agreements". Akalyptos' cunning tactics, however lead Makis to prison at the most critical moment: the moment of the big con, with which Akalyptos hopes he will hit the jackpot, once and for all.


  • Greek Film Festival, Australia, 2013, screening


Directed byChristos Dimas
ScreenplayLefteris Kaponis, Konstantina Giahali, Panagiotis Mantziafos
CinematographyGiorgos Argyroiliopoulos
Sound RecordingNikos Papadimitriou
EditingGiannis Maris
SetsMichalis Sdougos
CostumesMaria Karapouliou
CastingChrissa Psomadelli
MusicMichalis Papathanasiou - Goin' Through
CastPetros Filippidis, Gerassimos Skiadaressis, Katerina Lehou, Elissavet Konstantinidou, Vasiliki Andritsou, Tzeni Theona, Thanassis Viskadourakis, Antonis Loudaros, Athina Maximou, Giannis Stefopoulos, Yiorgos Souxes, Kostas Voutsas
Executive ProducersYorgos Papadatos, Yorgos Kyriakos
Executive ProducerCL Productions
ProductionView Master Films
Co-productionKaragiannis-Karatzopoulos, Tanweer Alliances, Spentzos Film
ProducersKaterina Karagianni, Dionyssis Samiotis, Costas Lambropoulos
DistributionSpentzos Film
Theater ReleaseMarch 14, 2013
2013, 35mm, color, 92', Dolby Digital