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Greek real life web series "THE FLATMATES"

A 45 episode real life web series. It is the first Greek speaking web series and is sponsored by MTV Greece, Nova and ZOO.GR.

The series is about the adventurous lives of three students who arrive in Athens for their studies. They all meet while they try to find a place to stay. The internet user is able to watch the everyday live of these three heroes and share their worries, their relationships and their problems. The series gives access to the microcosm of these 20 year olds which is defined by the fast pace of modern life and the presence of new technologies.

The web series is broadcasted free on


Directed byAkis Polizos
ScreenplayNuno Bernardo
Script AdaptationSofia Maria Zachari
Script EditingKaterina Bei
CastIoanna Daliou, Panagiotis Vassilopoulos, Effie Konta
Line ProducerYorgos Papadatos