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Hotel Triton title card
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Arts & Culture television show "HOTEL TRITON"

"Hotel Triton" is an imaginary hotel where people of the arts and culture meet. This is a series of 50 minutes TV shows based on this original idea, where every show is compiled out of 5 minutes stories, each presented by a producer of the culture-centric "Third Program" radio channel of the ERT SA (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation).


Directed byKaterina Patroni (CV), Katerina Evangelakou (CV)
Assistant directorConstantina Voulgari
CinematographyGiorgos Argyroiliopoulos, Dimitris Kassimatis, Panayotis Vassilakis
Sound RecordingSotiris Ladas, Tassos Bakassietas, Dimitris Vassileiadis, Mihalis Sigletos
Make-upGeorgia Apalodima
Production ManagerZoe Kanellopoulou
Executive ProducerYorgos Kyriakos
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
2005, 2006, 2010