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Summer Nostos Festival at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

A return to our favorite summers

The Summer Nostos Festival (SNFestival) is an international multifaceted arts, sports and education festival. Admission is free for all, and the festival is addressed to visitors of all age groups and interests, aspiring to become a friendly creative platform where people can get together, express themselves and exchange ideas.

Every June, the week-long SNFestival invites us to travel back to our favorite summers, guided by music, dance and melodies, stories and laughter, exercise and play, and live yet another unforgettable beginning of summer!

The central programmatic areas of the festival unfold around music, dance, sports, open discussions, arts and architecture, include activities for children and families, while the program is complemented by additional events, such as screenings, guided tours and creative happenings for all ages. The program of events is curated by the SNF Team in collaboration with a team of internationally renowned consultants, experts in their respective fields.

Every year in Athens, the SNFestival gathers some of the biggest names from the local and international art scene, as one of its main objectives is to encourage collaborations, to promote the exchange of expertise and experience, and to set the ground for creative synergies.