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Greece stole the limelight on the 51st Eurovision Song Contest

Figures from the ancient greek mythology met the history of Greek music on a stage that was transformed to an ancient greek theater! Maria Menounos and Sakis Rouvas, the hosts of the song contest, compared the show with brio and humor. For this amazing spectacle over 250 technicians, dancers, actors and singers worked hard and the TV ratings reached 82.2% on average, which is a new record for the TV network NET. The OAKA stadium was packed with people and Eurovison fans who were enthused over the impressive music fiesta. Even though Greece didn't manage to win, the event itself stole the show.

  • Over 100.000.000 viewers from all over the world watched the show.
  • 26 cameras covered the event. There was also a spider-camera which differentiated the result on our television sets. The show was shot in digital for the first time.
  • 50 dancers were used for the opening ceremonies. Τhe music was composed by Dimitris Papadimitiou.
  • There were over 500 volunteers from 18 to 35 years old who helped all the teams and the contestants in 22 different languages.
  • The power from the 6 generators was enough to light a small town.
  • The scene extended in 16 metres, the high definition screens covered 250 sq.metres and there were 16 servers that controlled all the above. 9 2x2 elevators, which could move, were part of the stage.

  • Line Producer: Costas Lambropoulos

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