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Theo Angelopoulos, "THE OTHER SEA"

The last and incomplete film of Theo Angelopoulos. The shooting was interrupted in January 2012, right after his fatal injury.

The film is documenting the economic hardships of modern-day Greece as well as their sociological impacts, through the politician's relationship with his daughter, who is trying to stage a production of Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera inside a factory that used to employ many illegal workers.


Directed byTheo Angelopoulos
ScreenplayTheo Angelopoulos, Rhea Galanaki, Petros Markaris
CinematographyAndreas Sinanos
CastToni Servillο, Irini Stratigopoulou, Christos Loulis, Dimitris Piatas, Akylas Karazisis, Gerassimos Skiadaressis, Vassilis Kolovos, Ilias Logothetis
Line ProducerTakis Katselis
Executive ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
2012, unfinished