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Dimitris Koutsiabasakos, "THE GUARDIAN'S SON"

Markos, an ambitious young journalist on a provincial television channel is trying to retrieve a gun stolen from his Candid Camera-type show. His search leads him in the dead of winter to his mother's neck of the woods, one of the abandoned villages on the southwestern slopes of Mount Pindos. In his attempt to get the gun back he comes up against Elias, a strange young man who is the son of the guardian of the village. Their clash will have unforeseen results both for the two young men and for the few inhabitants of the village.


  • 47th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2006:
    • 2nd Prize for fiction film
    • Best Debut-Film Director Award
    • Audience Award
  • Seattle International Film Festival, 2007, screening
  • Special Jury Award, Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, 2007
  • Sydney Film Festival, 2007, screening
  • 15th Greek Film Festival "Antipodes", Australia, 2007, screening
  • 13th Mediterranean Film Festival, Rome, 2007, screening
  • Philadelphia Film Festival, USA, 2007, Main competition
  • Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo, 2007, screening
  • Film Festival of Luxemburg, 2008, screening
  • MITTELMEER-FILMTAGE, Germany, 2008, screening
  • Cineclub, Luxemburg, 2008, screening
  • Euro Cine Cite (Lyon), France, 2008, screening
  • Greek Film festival, San Francisco, 2008, screening
  • Greek Cinema Week, Hagen, 2008, screening
  • European Film Festival in Jordan, Jordan, 2010, screening


Directed byDimitris Koutsiabasakos
ScreenplayDimitris Koutsiabasakos, Vassilis Raissis
CinematographyOdysseas Pavlopoulos
Art DirectorKiki Miliou
MusicVangelis Fabas
CastingSotiria Marini
CastNikolas Aggelis, Apostolis Totsikas, Eleni Vergeti, Yiorgos Spanias, Dimitris Tzoumakis
Financial SupervisorMarina Stylianou
Line ProducerMichalis Karahalios
Executive ProducerYorgos Kyriakos
ProductionCostas Lambropoulos
Shooting locationsTrikala, Greece
DistributionApril 14, 2007 by ODEON
2007, Super 16mm, color, 98', Dolby Digital