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Although adored by women, MANOS (25) desperately avoids sex. To escape a girlfriend who has almost got him to bed, he flees to his village. There, in an isolated hut, he discovers his UNCLE offering loukoumades (a kind of Greek donuts) to a 10-year old BOY. The scene looks innocent, but Manos suspects that his uncle has "other" intentions. Manos teams up with FENIA, a young woman hearse driver, and a pet piglet, which adores loukoumades, to set up his uncle. In the process however Manos falls in love with Fenia, while the pet piglet turns the village upside down.

Would MANOS' suspicions about his uncle be confirmed? Would he be able go all the way with FENIA? In the end, love and joy is found in an enormous pan full of loukoumades.


  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2005, screening
  • Valencia International Film Festival, 2006, screening
  • 12th Kolkata Film Festival, Calcutta, 2006, screening
  • Food in Film Festival, Italy, 2007, screening
  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival, USA, 2007, screening
  • Griechische Filmwoche, 2009, Munich, 2009, screening


Directed byOlga Malea
ScreenplayOlga Malea, Apostolos Alexopoulos
CinematographyIlias Adamis
Sound RecordingNikos Papadimitriou
CastPavlos Haikalis, Sofia Filipidou, Vladimiros Kyriakidis, Dimitris Piatas, Christos Loulis, Fay Xyla, Fotini Baxevani
Production ManagerYorgos Papadatos
Executive ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProductionPapandreou SA
Theater ReleaseJanuary 7, 2005
2005, 35mm, color, 95', Dolby Digital