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Nikos Kaloyeropoulos, "RIDERS OF PYLOS"

Telemachus, a 50-year-old poverty stricken actor with a glorious past, flees Athens to escape his creditors. He travels to the heart of historic Messinia and finds refuge in Polypylon, a decrepit castle once bustling with activity but now empty except for its two inhabitants, brothers Euhemerus and Myron. While exploring the beautiful countryside, he meets and falls in love with Democracy, Euhemerus' estranged daughter and leader of a group of volunteers, "Riders of Pylos".


  • London Greek Film Festival, 2011, competition:
    • Best Fiction Feature Film
    • Best Performer
    • Best Music
    • Best Photographer
  • Australia Greek Film Festival, 2011, screening


Directed byNikos Kaloyeropoulos
ScreenplayNikos Kaloyeropoulos
CinematographyYannis Drakoularakos
Sound RecordingMarinos Athanassopoulos
CastNikos Kaloyeropoulos, Julia Kalogridou, Ilias Logothetis, Giorgos Kimoulis, Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Antonis Theodorakopoulos, Takis Spiridakis, Vana Barba, Dimitris Kaberidis, etc.
ProductionChristos V. Konstantakopoulos
Executive ProducerCL Productions
Shooting periodSeptember 2008
Theater ReleaseMarch 3, 2011
2011, 35mm, color, 98', Dolby Digital