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Thodoris Atheridis, "LOVESTRUCK"

Antonis is a firefighter, living in Piraeus. The story begins two days before his wedding to Natassa, a nurse, when Anna, his ex-girlfriend, visits him out of the blue. The old flame is still going strong. Antonis will not bail out of his wedding with Natassa, even though Anna is obviously very keen to restart the relationship. Things get more complicated when Antonis starts a "double life" in his own home. What will happen when Anna shares the same space with Natassa?


  • Hellenic Film Academy, Greece, 2014:
    • Audience Award
  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival, USA, 2015, screening
  • New York City Film Festival, USA, 2015, screening


Directed byThodoris Atheridis
ScreenplayThodoris Atheridis
CinematographyGiorgos Argyroiliopoulos
Sound RecordingAris Athanasopoulos
EditingLambis Haralambidis
SetsEva Nathena
Costume DesignVasso Tranidou - Souriadaki
MusicPanagiotis Tsevas
CastThodoris Atheridis, Smaragda Karydi, Panagiota Vlanti, Giorgos Chrisostomou, Giannos Perlergas, Martha Karagianni, Konstantinos Markoulakis
ProductionView Master Films
Co-productionMultichoice Hellas/NOVA, ALPHA TV, Pes Sunshine, Ideomania
ProducersCostas Lambropoulos, Yorgos Kyriakos
DistributionVillage Roadshow Productions Hellas
Theater ReleaseDecember 4, 2014
2014, DCP, color, 104', Dolby Digital