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Brought up in California, offspring of an important political family, 11 year old Alex travels to Crete in order to baptize the baby child of a local cacique and parliamentary candidate. He will be a GODFATHER FOR THE FIRST TIME in order to prove to everybody and mainly to his father that he is a worthy son.

His foreign looks, his difficulty with Greek language, the Cretan's particularities and the tests he has to go through in order to be accepted as a worthy son of the Leader, create a comedy with a political background, existential distresses and tragicomic situations. His first baptism-initiation in the art and tricks of politics will mark him for the rest of his life.


  • New York City Film Festival, USA, 2009, competition:
    • CELEBRATE GREECE.COM's award for feature film
  • Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Cairo, 2008, main competition
  • Seoul International Youth Film Festival, Korea, 2008, screening
  • Hamburg Children's and Youth Film Festival, Germany, 2008, screening
  • International Youth Film Festival of Rimouski, Canada, 2008, screening
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2008, screening
  • St Paul Film Festival, Minneapolis, USA, 2009, screening
  • Cairo International Children's Film Festival, Egypt, 2008, competition
  • Moscow International Festival for Children And Youth, Russia, 2008, competition section:
    • Honorary Diploma for Best Directing
  • Festival Internacional De Cine para la Infancia Y la Juventud, Madrid, 2008, official competition
  • Chicago International Children's Film Festival, USA, 2008, screening
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, USA, 2008, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, New York, 2008, screening
  • FILMFORUM, Munich, 2008, screening
  • Greek Film Festival, Nuremberg, 2008, screening
  • Gene Siskel Film Center's 12th Annual European Union Film Festival, 2009, screening
  • Greek Film Festival (Antipodes,) Australia, 2009, screening
  • San Francisco International Film Festival, USA, 2010, screening
  • Montreal Greek Film Festival, Canada, 2010, screening
  • 3rd Beirut Greek Film Festival, Lebanon, 2010, screening
  • 20th European Union Film Festival, Singapore, 2010, screening
  • San Francisco Greek Film Festival, USA, 2010, screening
  • Hong Kong European Film Festival, China, 2011, screening
  • European Union Film Festival, Jordan, 2010, screening
  • Greek Festival of Sydney (open-air cinema,) Australia, 2012, screening
  • Cine Europa Film Festival, Manila, 2011, screening
  • Kalimera - Deutschland, Stuttgart, 2011, screening
  • Ciné-Club Hellénique de Luxembourg, screening, 2010


Directed byOlga Malea
ScreenplayNicholas Papandreou, Olga Malea
CinematographyCostis Gikas
MusicCostas Livadas
EditingGiorgos Mavropsaridis
Sound RecordingMarinos Athanassopoulos
Sets / CostumesEva Nathena
Make-upFani Alexaki
CastAntonis Kafetzopoulos, Eleni Kastani, Giorgos Kimoulis, Tex Pardue, Nikos Andreoulakis, Anna Louizidou, Manos Gavras, Giannis Kalatzopoulos, Charis Emmanouil, Maria Antoulinaki, Tasos Costis, Meletis Georgiadis
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProductionCL Productions
Co-producersODEON, Greek Film Centre, Multichoice Hellas/NOVA, Finos Film, East Media, FilmInMind
Development supportedMEDIA Programme
ReleasedOctober 4, 2007
2007, 35mm, color, 90', Dolby Digital