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Director's short note:

"I found in Lisa a unique opportunity to undertake all the unimportant things, which always fascinated me, but I never had the "cinematographic time" to deal with. The counterpoint of action and comment, which was imposed by the script, had to produce, in contradistinction to the picture, that comic element, which would complete and blunt the hard self - sarcasm and the irony of the heroine. Lisa, as a child of the current esthetic and life style, had to accept this and to reproduce it consciously - and unconsciously - in all her attitudes towards life, even in the erotic one' s. I was interested in taking advantage of this fact, in order to divert with the prejudices of those who believe they have developed safe sensitive criteria and are in the position to recognize the cinematographic, TV and advertising codes."


Directed byNicos Perakis
ScreenplayKaterina Bei
CinematographyIlias Adamis
MusicDimitris Kodopoulos
EditingGiorgos Mavropsaridis
Sets / CostumesSofia Zoumperi
Costume DesignVasso Tranidou
Sound RecordingPanos Papadimitriou
CastKaterina Moutsatsou, Doretta Papadimitriou, Alexandros Parthenis, Giorgos Karamichos
Production ManagerYorgos Papadatos
Executive ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProducerManos Krezias
ProductionODEON, Greek Film Centre, FilmNet
Theater ReleaseMarch 7, 2003
2003, 35mm, color, 104', Dolby Digital