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Vassilis Mirianthopoulos, "I JUST BROKE UP"

Electra is an everyday woman. Until that fatal day, she had nothing to do with the drama connected with her name. Petros was the only affair she ever had. On her birthday her friends decided to prepare a surprise party for her.

Petros leaves a message to the answering machine saying that he wants to break up with her. All her friends listen to the message except Electra, who is not there. They decide to temporarily hide the news from her so that they can celebrate her birthday. This is the point where the misunderstanding begins with her friends: Mary and Dimitris, Mitsos, Lou, her mother. Things get even more complicated with Vittor the Spanish, a casual acquaintance of Lou, an uninvited Tupperware lady called Titika Karlatira and a pizza boy.

In all this fuss, how are Batman, mammoths, strip shows, pizzas and Tupperware ladies related to the Break Up?


  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2008, competition
  • 16th Greek Film Festival (Antipodes,) Australia, 2009, screening
  • Greek Film Festival of South Africa, Johannesburg, 2011, screening


Directed byVassilis Mirianthopoulos
ScreenplayVassilis Mirianthopoulos
CinematographyAlekos Yiannaros
Art DirectorElias Ledakis
Costume DesignStella Karapouliou
EditingGiorgos Mavropsaridis
CastYannis Tsimitselis, Zeta Makripoulia, Maria Bakodimou, Anna Monogiou, Giorgos Karamichos
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos, Manos Krezias, Dionyssis Samiotis
Co-producersCL Productions, Anosi SA, EAST MΕDIA, FilmInMind
Shooting periodEnd of September 2007
ReleasedFebruary 14, 2008
2007, color, HD