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Poster of the film

Christian Zübert "EIN ATEM (ONE BREATH)"

A Greek-German co-production with Senator Films

Elena, a beautiful young Greek woman decides to move on and live her dream of a better life despite the financial crisis. For this reason, she decides to emigrate to Germany, leaving behind her boyfriend and her family. In this new start, Elena has the support of her good friend Despina, who offers her house to stay as well as her help to find a job in Germany. While life seems to enter a new rate, all upset when she learns that she is pregnant. She is forced to work as a tutor to a little girl, named Lotte in order to save money. Elena has daily frictions with Tessa, Lotte's mother. One day, while little Lotte is under the supervision of Elena, she disappears. Elena returns to Greece, while in Germany she is suspected of kidnapping and wanted by the police. Tessa decides to travel to Greece to find her little daughter and Elena.

The film describes the relationship of two seemingly different women who have more in common than differences.


Directed byChristian Zübert
ScreenplayChristian Zübert, Ipek Zübert
CinematographyΝgo The Chau
Sound RecordingMichael Busch
EditingARRI Film
Art DirectorManfred Doring
Costume DesignSusan Bollig
CastChara Mata Giannatou, Jordis Triebel, Benjamin Sadler, Akylas Karazisis, Apostolis Totsikas, Pinelopi Sergounioti, Melpo Kosti, Mixalis Ainatzoglou, Mary Nanou
Line ProducerRalf Zimmermann, Reik Moller, Thanassis Christopoulos
Executive ProducerView Master Films
ProductionSenator Film Köln
Co-producersSenator Film Köln, ARRI Media GmbH, View Master Films, Bart van Gemert Filmproduktion (BVG), ​Bayerischer Rundfunk, Costas Lambropoulos
ProducerUlf Israel
2015, DCP, color, 110', Dolby Surround