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Title in German: Der Athen Krimi (Trojanische Pferde)

This is the story of Athens Police Inspector Petros and his new colleague Max - a German-Greek with dual citizenship, who has asked for a transfer from Germany to Athens. Their first joint case already brings the two very different investigators to their limits. Not only do they need to solve the death of a young woman, they also have to save a boy with cancer whose only hope lies in a bone marrow donation of his brother. But of all things, his brother is murder suspect number one until he himself gets more and more into mortal danger. Only Petros and Max - the most extraordinary partners in Athens - can still save the two brothers! While at it, not only do the two inspectors get onto the track of illegal arms trafficking, they also manage to come much closer to their own romantic happiness. Right from the start, Petros and Max are like fire and water, a buddy team of a very special kind. They hate and love each other, they quarrel and conciliate and gain each other's respect during their joint chase of the murderer.


Directed byMarc Brummund
CinematographyEeva Fleig
Sound RecordingMichael Schloemer
EditingImke Koseck
SetsPierre Pfundt, Demetres Katsikis
CostumesPeri de Braganca
CastFrancis Fulton - Smith, Waldemar Kobus, Hauke Petersen, Sabin Tambrea, Katharina Heyer, Andrea Sawatzki, Oliveri Michele, Αννα Μαρία Βελλή, Vassilis Koukalani, Vicky Volioti, Costas Sommer, Costas Antalopoulos, Chrisovalantis Kostopoulos, Grigoris Zografos
Line ProducerSimon Happ, Thanassis Christopoulos
Line ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
Executive ProducerView Master Films
ProductionAction Concept
ProducersStefan Retzbach, Francis Fulton-Smith, Marc Schneider
TV releaseJanuary 28, 2016
TV channelADR