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Nicos Perakis, "ARTHERAPY"

A docu-fiction film by Nicos Perakis

In the heart of the historic and multicultural center of Athens, in the midst of summer, three youngsters with a passion for arts come together in the musical and visual arts scene. Ilia the front woman of the band Stiletto Scag, is searching for her place in the limelight. Alexandros, a street artist, must deliver a mural to his sponsor. And Andreas, a senior at the National Theater School Drama is trying to get by financially, while rehearsing exhaustively for his finals. Three days are enough to disrupt the "social truce", when their expectations are shattered by the multi faceted "establishment", whether it be the law or simply mainstream culture.

Most of the characters and events in the film are true.

Characters: Ilia Parapi, Alexandrois Vasmoulakis, Andreas Konstantinou, Nikso Orfanos, Rossina Baltatzi, Pigi Konstantinou, Christina Sabatakou, Melissanthi Mahout, Dimitria Samolis, Giorgos Souris, Mairy Sinatsaki, Antonis Ioannou, Manolia Anastasakos, Marina Litou, Mairy Tsonou, Frosso Troussa, Katerina Filosophopoulou, Chariton Charitonidis, Amalia Benet, Melina Peonidou, Dimitris Lignadis


  • FilmFest Munchen, 2010, Μunich, international program
  • Greek Film Festival, 2010, Australia, screening
  • Panorama of Greek Cinema, Washington, 2012, screening


Directed byNicos Perakis
ScreenplayNicos Perakis
CinematographyClaudio Bolivar
Sound RecordingVaggelis Papadopoulos
Sets / CostumesVasso Tranidou - Souriadaki
EditingKonstantinos Adrachtas
MusicDimitris Kodopoulos
ProducersChristos V. Konstantakopoulos, Manos Krezias, Costas Lambropoulos
ProductionCL Productions, Faliro House Productions, ODEON, Nicos Perakis
Theater ReleaseMarch 11, 2010
2010, 35mm, color, 97', Dolby Digital