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Fotos Lamprinos "THE GREAT UTOPIA"

The fulfillment of the diachronic request-dream of Utopia is attempted by the Bolsheviks in October 1917. The majority of the Russians - who were bursting with an enthusiasm stimulated by the new regime - believed that Utopia was now a reality. In society, politics, education, art, even in the position of women.

Similar feelings shared millions of people outside the USSR. Many "modern pilgrims" rushed to visit and to admire the achievements.

However, the farmers, who were in a long standing struggle with the new regime, opposed to Collectivisation. The strong dispute led the new leadership under Stalin, to the destruction of the rural domestics and families and to the creation of a ghetto, pushing thus millions in absolute destitution. In just 5 years 3,5-5 million people from Ukraine and Southern Russia starved to death. There were even incidents of cannibalism.

Raw violence marked the end of Utopia. The theme of this film is the contradiction between the dream and the crime.


  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, 2017, competitive section
  • AegeanDocs, 2017, competitive section
  • Chalkida Documentary Festival Docfest, Chalkida 2017, competitive section:
    • Best Feature Documentary Award
    • Best Editing Award


Directed byFotos Lamprinos
ScreenplayFotos Lamprinos
Executive ProducerEffie Skrobola
ProductionView Master Films
ProducersCostas Lambropoulos, Yorgos Kyriakos
Co-productionFresh Productions (Ukraine), CL Productions, Greek Film Centre
Sales AgentAntipode
Theater ReleaseMarch 26, 2017
2017, DCP, color & B/W, 90', Dolby Surround