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The director Iris Zachmanidi

Iris Zachmanidi

Born in Athens. Studied filmmaking, journalism and political science. Held high-level executive positions in television, film, culture. Travelled to various countries in the world. Wrote articles. Directed documentaries. Following "Christini, A Princess", which delved into the world of the Down Syndrome - Thessaloniki Documentary Festivals of 2008 and 2011 - "Looking for the Locrians" is her second full-length documentary.


1976, The Vest, fiction, short, 7'
1977, Backstage – Yorgos Skourtis, documentary, 25'
1978, Backstage – Panos Gavalas - Ria Kourti, documentary, 25'
1983 , Women's Potraits – Fenareti, docudrama, 25'
1984, Women's Potraits – Kassiopi, docudrama, 25'
1985, ERT Around Northern Greece – Lemnos, documentary, 25'
2007, Christini, A Princess, full-length documentary, 66'
2013, Looking for the Locrians, full-length documentary, 71'