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The director Katerina Patroni

Katerina Patroni

Studied sociology and film directing (Hatzikos Film School) in Athens and then went on to pursue film studies at the Lodon International Film School and directing at the National Film and TV School.


1991, CONVERGING CIRCLES, fiction, 16mm, 1'
1992, HOLIDAY ROMANCE, fiction, 16mm, 10'
1992, ELLIPSIS, fiction, 16mm, 16'
1995, THROUGH A WINDOW, fiction, 16mm, 18'
1996, SHORELINE, fiction, 35mm, 35'
2000, MILK CHOCOLATE, fiction, 35mm, 20'
2002, MEN AT SEA, documentary, 99'
2005, THE PAINTING, documentary, 33'
2005, HOTEL TRITON, television cultural program