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The director Christos Dimas

Christos Dimas

Born in 1969. Studied political science at the University of Athens and attended Sources film seminars in Finland and Holland. He has worked as an assistant director on feature films by major Greek directors as well as in the United States. He also worked as scriptwriter and director in the hit Alpha Television series "Red Circle" together with Panos Kokkinopoulos. He is the author of the books "Veronica" (1993), "Acrobats of the Garden" (1995), and "Breath" (2008).


1995, A SKY FULL OF STARS, Super 16mm, color, 20'
1997, TENDER, 35mm, color, 12'
1998, BREATH, 35mm, color, 21'
Ministry of Culture Distinction Audience Award,
Toronto Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress Awards, Mylos Best Short Film Award, Toronto
1999, AMERIKANOS, 35mm, color, 23'
Drama International Short Film Festival: Second Prize,
Ministry of Culture State Quality Award for Best Short Film,
Best Film Award, Milwaukee.
2001, THE CISTERN, 35mm, color, 105'
2003, ALMOST NEVER - 1st season, television series
2009, NISOS, 35mm, color, 97'
2013, AKALYPTOS, 35mm, color, 92'
2015, AMORE MIO, DCP, color, 95'
2018, PRINCE OF FIRE, TV series