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The director Theo Angelopoulos

Theo Angelopoulos

Born in Athens in April 1935. He studied law at Athens University and film at the IDHEC in Paris. The films of Theo Angelopoulos have taken part in countless international festivals, won numerous awards and established his reputation.


1968, BROADCAST, short film
1970, RECONSTRUCTION, feature film
Best Foreign Film at the Hyeres Film Festival (1971),
Georges Sadoul Award (1971)
1972, DAYS OF '36, feature film
FIPRESCI Award, Berlin (1973)
1975, THE TRAVELLING PLAYERS, feature film,
FIPRESCI Award - Cannes International Film Festival 1975,
Interfilm Award Berlin "Forum" 1975,
Best Film of the Year, British Film Institute 1976,
Best Film in the world for the decade 1970-1980, Italian Film Critics Association,
One of the Top Films in the History of Cinema, FIPRESCI,
Best Film of the Year, Grand Prix of the Arts, Japan,
Golden Age Award - Brussels 1976
1977, THE HUNTERS, feature film
Golden Hugo Award for Best Film, Chicago 1978
1980, MEGALEXANDROS, feature film
Golden Lion and FIPRESCI Awards, Venice 1980
1981, ONE VILLAGE, ONE VILLAGER, documentary
1983, ATHENS, RETURN TO THE ACROPOLIS, television documentary
1984, VOYAGE TO CYTHERA, 35mm, color, 138'
1986, THE BEE-KEEPER, 35mm, color, 121'
1988, LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST, 35mm, color, 126'
1991, THE SUSPENDED STEP OF THE STORK, 35mm, color, 126'
Cinema Lumiere, Bologna (Italy), March-April 2002,
Festival Sydney (Australia), June 2003
1995, ULYSSES' GAZE, 35mm, color, 176'
Grand Prix of the Jury, Cannes International Film Festival 1995,
FIPRESCI Award of the International Critics, Cannes International Film Festival 1995,
Critics' Felix Award, European Film Awards 1995
1998, ETERNITY AND A DAY, 35mm, color, 132'
Palme d'Or, Cannes International Film Festival 1998
2012, THE OTHER SEA, unfinished