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Stelios Haralambopoulos, "THE WIND OF FREEDOM"

Documentation film about the beginning of the Greek revolution on March 23rd 1821 in Kalamata; part of the Program «Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom»

View Master Films and Stelios Charalambopoulos created this fiction documentary on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the outbreak of the Revolution. It is the only feature film prepared and presented on the occasion of the anniversary. The fiction is combined with the documentary, in order to integrate the causal relations of the historical research, the narration of the myth/story, the documents of the history, but also the heroes of the fiction.

The film, one of the deliverables of the program «Kalamata 1821: Roads of Freedom», follows the action of Ioannis Filonas, a fictional senior executive of the Friendly Society, in the pre-revolutionary Peloponnese and specifically in Messinia and Mani. Through the story of Philo, who travels under the guise of a merchant, and his action as a Friend, information is presented about the society of the early 19th century as well as about the economy, daily life, the dominant ideas and controversies of the time; all the product of relevant, thorough historical research.

The screenplay is based on real events, and is largely inspired by the action of Christoforos Perraivos of the Friendly Society. That is, that of Filikos who traveled to the Peloponnese before the revolution in order to reconcile the Mani families and consequently to prepare the ground for the liberation of the Greeks.

The shooting took place in the Peloponnese, with an emphasis on the region of Messinia. It is a film that will be a milestone for Kalamata, but also for the whole Prefecture - a work with a cultural, historical, research, but also a celebratory character that conveys from yesterday to today the ideals of militancy and freedom.


Directed byStelios Haralambopoulos
ScreenplayAntonis Tolakis, Stelios Haralambopoulos
CinematographyDimitris Kordelas
MusicPlaton Andritsakis
SetsMichalis Sdougos
Costume DesignMaria Kontodima
CastTimos Papadopoulos, Iosif Polyzoidis, Rinio Kyriazi, Giannis Anastassakis, Lefteris Polychronis, Lefteris Tsatsis
Science EditorsVasilis Panagiotopoulos, Olga Katsiardi-Hering, Thanassis Christou, Vangelis Karamanolakis
Executive ProducersVassilis Tzanidis, Effie Skrobola
ProductionView Master Films
ProducersYorgos Kyriakos, Costas Lambropoulos, Giannis Zarganis