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Katerina Patroni, "THE PAINTING"

Kimmo collects leaves, mud and paints and sets to work by the lake. The camera follows closely the ritual of painting that is revealed in a mesmerizing and compelling way.


  • Ecofilms Festival, Rhodes 2005:
    • Greek Film Centre Award for Best Greek Film
  • 5th Ecocinema Festival, Athens 2005:
    • Special Mention


Directed byKaterina Patroni
CinematographyKaterina Patroni
MusicMarkos Damianos
EditingAlekos Sampsonidis, Vuokko Rajala
Sound EditingAlekos Sampsonidis
Sound RecordingMarilena Vassilaki
ProducersCostas Lambropoulos, Vuokko Rajala, Katerina Patroni
ProductionCL Productions, Anemos Productions, Katerina Patroni
2005, color, 33'