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Katerina Patroni, "MEN AT SEA"

Wilkie the messman, Lefteris the cook, Demetres the chief officer, Bakshish the sailor, Manolis the captain, Nikos down in the engine room and Yannis the sailor, all work on a container boat traveling back and forth between Europe and Korea, as it set on railroad tracks, in a never ending journey. Harbours are no more than points of departure for them, and on the board time seems sluggish and blurred. On their voyage their sole companions are their favored songs, the photographs of their beloved, phone calls on ports, and dreams about another life that might await for them on shore. Eighteen more seamen are on board with them, half of them Greek and half Philippino, and all around them, always the sea: magical, frightening and unknown.


  • 5th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2003:
    • 1st Prize
  • Kalamata International Festival, 2003:
    • Special Prize for Best Greek Descriptive Documentary Director
  • CINEMATEK, New Greek Cinema, Belgium, screening, 2014


Directed byKaterina Patroni
ScreenplayKaterina Patroni, Vuokko Rajala
EditingYiorgos Dialectopoulos
CameraLaurentiu Calciu, Katerina Patroni
Sound MixThanassis Arvanitis
Sound RecordingVuokko Rajala
ProducerCostas Lambropoulos
ProductionGreek Film Centre, ERT SA (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation), CL Productions, Katerina Patroni
2002, color, 95'