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The true story of the winner of the 1961 Academy Award for Best Song write; Manos Hadjidakis for NEVER ON SUNDAY. The documentary, THE MIRROR AND THE KNIFE, is a journey into the world of internationally renowned Greek music composer Manos Hadjidakis. The audience is lured into the world of his personality and intense life, as the documentary draws the curtain behind the scenes of a man, who with no formal musical education, money or political backup, reached the stars. How his personality evolved, adjusted or conflicted with fame, how his relationships with friends and foes grew or fell apart, how his talent took him to places he never planned to go and how he dealt with winning the Oscar in '61 for the music of NEVER ON SUNDAY. "...And the winner is..."


  • 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Portraits: Human Journeys, 2008:
    • Best Documentary
  • 49th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, 2008:
    • Second Prize for documentary or animated film
  • FILMFORUM, Munich, 2008, screening


Directed byDimitris Vernikos
ScreenplayDimitris Vernikos
NarrationDimitris Vernikos
CinematographyLaurentiu Calciu, Apostolos Karakassis, Yiannis Misouridis, Dimitris Vernikos
MusicManos Hadjidakis
EditingPanos Daoultzis
ProductionDimitris Vernikos
Co-productionCostas Lambropoulos, Giorgos Hadjidakis
With the supportGreek Film Centre
2008, Digital Beta, 90', color & B/W, Digital Sound