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The director Dimitris Vernikos

Dimitris Vernikos

He studied in Athens and graduated with Honors from England's National Film School, of which he is a lifetime member. He has directed and produced documentary films, including two feature documentaries for the Greek parliament, fiction andmusic series for TV, as well as cultural programs. He has won awards at the Thessaloniki, Bordeaux and Lorquin Film Festivals. He has worked with the German TV channel ZDF and recently with the English Production Company Mosaic Films on the European series Eureka Eutopia for BBC, ARTE and the international market.


1976, Nicolas, documentary
1981, Yannis Tsarouchis - Study for a Portrait, documentary
1986, Johnny the Rapist
1995, The Journey from the Asylum to Society, documentary
1997-98, Harilaos Trikoupis
2003, HIV Positive - Living with AIDS, documentary
2000-03, Dr.Gazi/Gazi (Blood), documentary
2008, Manos Hadjidakis - Reflection in the Mirror, documentary