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The director Tassos Psarras

Tassos Psarras

Βοrn in Thessaloniki in 1948. He studied at the University of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki School of Theatre and Film, the Stavrakou Film School in Thessaloniki and the Hadzikou Fum School in Athens. Apart from his work in cinema, Tassos Psarras has had a distinguished career in television, directing dozens of documentaries of cultural and social subjects, as well as a large number of serials. The films of Tassos Psarras have taken part in countless leading international and local film festivals where they have won many awards.


1969, PRESENCE, 35mm, B/W, 14'
1970, 40-38, 22-57, 35mm, B/W, 12'
1971, SUPER SPECTACLE '71, 35mm, B/W, 11'
1972, MELLELE, 35mm, B/W, 18'. 1973 THE MIRACLE, 16mm, B/W, 16'
1974, FOR TRIVIAL REASONS, 35mm, B/W, 120'
1976, MAY DAY '1936, feature
1981, THE FACTORY, 35mm, color, 101'
1986, CARAVAN SERAI, 35mm, color, 115'
1991, THE OTHER SIDE, 35mm, color, 100'
1998, NUMBERED, 35mm, color, 101'
2004, DUST, 35mm, color, 98'
2008, KARYOTAKIS, TV series