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The director Antonis Papadopoulos

Antonis Papadopoulos

Born in Athens in 1956. He studied direction of films at the Academy of Kiev (bachelor and master). He returned to Greece and teached in the Hadgikou Film School. He makes films and collaborates with the state television since 1986. Shoots a lot of documentaries and television series for Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. Since 1985 participates in the Short Films International Festival of Drama. Today, he is the Art Director of the Festival.


1982, Album, 35mm, 10'
1983, Anametrisi, 35mm, 18'
1984, Drakon, 35mm, 20',
Best Director Award at the Molodist Festivalof Kiev 1984
1985, Sto Kastelorizo, 35mm, 40',
State Award of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
1986, The white horse in the bottom of the coal-mine, documentary, 16mm, 34'
1988, Limnos i filtati, documentary, 16mm, 50',
Award in the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki 1989,
State Award of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture 1989
1989, Pictorial figures, documentary series for Hellenic Brodcasting Corporation,
State Award of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture 1990
1990, El Greco, documentary series for Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation
2003, Hazardous and unhealthy