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The director Margarita Manda

Margarita Manda

Born in Athens in 1963. She studied Political Science, French Literature and Film Direction. She has worked as assistant director to many major Greek filmmakers. She was Theo Angelopoulos' assistant on the films "Ulysses' Gaze," "Eternity and a Day," "The Weeping Meadow" and "The Dust of Time." She wrote and directed short films, videos for stage productions, commercial and corporate videos as well as short and feature-length documentaries.


1984, WINTER '84, short, 10'
1986, MEETING, short, 5'
1991, RECOLLECTIONS, short, 5'
2002, GUARDIANS OF TIME, documentary, 62'
FIPRESCI Award at the 4th Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival
2004, NEW ODESSA: THE VILLAGE OF THE LAKE, documentary, 52'
2005, ZERELIA, THE FIRST STEP, short documentary
2009, GOLD DUST, feature film
2014, FOR EVER, feature film
Silver Pyramid (Best Director award) at the Cairo International Film Festival, 2014